captivating visual storytelling


that converts audiences into customers


Capturing stunning images that sell properties & grow your personal brand

We are passionate about finding original perspectives highlighting the selling points of your real estate, architecture, developments, construction & interior design works.

During the last 4 years here in Miami, we have now reached 410 documented listings worth more than $300,000,000 Caring for details with tailored services, our clients showcase their properties in a bright way, attracting rapidly their ideal customer.

Quicker Lead Generation

Promoted listings

Promoted and sold by our clients with our image works

Pristine eye-catching photography to engage your audience

Property Photography

Exterior, interior & aerials

Our content supports record-breaking sales in the South Florida Real Estate Market, shortening selling timelines & and boosting property pricing.

We provide tailored innovative services for the Real Estate, Architecture, Design, Construction & Hospitality Industry.

Property Videos

Bring out your property’s essence with our cinematic videos. While growing your personal brand and Broker’s presence.

Personal Branding & Corporate Brand Videos

Boost up your personal brand as a Realtor, Architect, Designer. We bring you closer to your audience, sharing your values & vision in a very competitive market where relying on your uniqueness is the best strategy to grow.

Virtual Staging
& Architectural

We create stunning 3D stills that win your client’s hearts. Easy, Fast & Affordable.

Making spaces feel like home.

They Trust Us

Bright Lifestyle Media separate themselves from the competition by their focus on perfection. The results give them a visible edge in the market.

Raymond Bolduc

Top-notch. The team is extremely passionate about delivering the very best work to their clients. They approach every project with creativity and meticulous care going above and beyond to make their clients happy.

Wes Pearce

Very pleasant to work with extremely professional.They put a lot of heart and detail into their work and they listen truly to the requests of their customers.

Sandra Fiorenza

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